My Spots

3DML stands for 3-Dimensional Markup Language. Where HTML describes a web page, 3DML describes 3D spots. In order to view these spots, you first must download Flatland Rover plugin.

Moola Spots

A collection of interconnected spots, hosted on These are my contributions so far.

moola bedroom screenshot Bedroom
This spot (and many others) was inspired by childhood dreams I had. I would wake up and find a secret wall that moved, or a secret door that led to even stranger places.

great hall screenshot Great Hall
The great hall was inspired by artwork depicting the Great Library of the Dreamlands. Here it serves as a hub for several other spots. I also experimented with a faux-reflection for the marble floor.

green bog screenshot Green Bog
The green bog started as an experiment with interactivity, scaling, and more natural terrain. One of my favorites for its ambience.

Cavern and Blue Domes.
These are unfinished spots. Cavern is what lies below the bog at the moment, and the blue domes spot isn't linked into the rest of Moola yet.

Dylath-Leen & Otherworld Spots

These spots are loosely based upon the Dreamland stories of H.P. Lovecraft, which I borrowed from heavily for the Mage RPG campaign I ran.

ordos hall screenshot dylath-leen street screenshot Ordos Hall (day) |
Ordos Hall (night)

Street in Dylath-Leen (day) | Street in Dylath-Leen (night)

Temple and pilgrims (night)

Otherworld Flash Intro

catacomb screenshot catacombs screenshot World of Fehl spots

Another RPG-based series of spots, offering vignettes for different regions of the World of Fehl.

Catacombs of Ombur: in Morav, using my castle, dungeon, and catacomb blocksets. (added 2002.2.9)

dungeon screenshot decca screenshot Dungeon: experimenting with the dungeon blockset. (added 2002.2.9)

A canal in Decca : demonstrating some water effects.

A portion of desert in Gholat : demonstrating a blowing sand effect.

A small section of Morav : demonstrating rain, thunder, and lightning effects.

tesceract screenshot Experimental Spots

My First Spot

tESCHERact : a Escher-esque spot... you can walk up the walls and ceiling via stairs. I'll add better textures when I get the time for it.

Crow Hill : a wilderness area near my house, where I played during my childhood. Frequently visited in my dreams.

Abyss : another place I dream about... a dark, bottomless pit.